The Online DBS Application typically takes 5 minutes to complete, which can be found here

Our agency receives a lot of applications on a daily basis so therefore there is a queue in terms of submitting the applications to the DBS. The fast track option (£10) allows your application to get submitted to the DBS within 24 hours. The DBS then processes the application. Please note the DBS may take up to 14 days to process and send the DBS Basic Certificate to you. The Fast Track application does not mean you will receive your certificate or results within 24 hours.

Fast track option can be found here: Fast Track Application.

It will be up to an employer to decide whether or not it is still valid or whether a new Basic Disclosure is required.

A basic check will contain details of convictions and conditional cautions that are considered to be unspent under the terms of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (ROA) 1974
Most basic checks will be processed in 14 days.

Basic Disclosures do not have and expiry date, only a start date. If you still have your certificate to hand, it is at your employer’s discretion to say if it is valid or whether they would need you to apply for a new Basic Disclosure.

Applicants in England, Wales & Overseas applicants: Certificates will be issued by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).
Applicants in Scotland or Scottish applicants overseas: Certificates will be issued by Disclosure Scotland. It will contain details of convictions and conditional cautions that are considered to be unspent under the terms of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 aims to give those with convictions or cautions the chance – in certain circumstances – to wipe the slate clean and start afresh. Under the Act, eligible convictions or cautions become ‘spent’ after a specified period of time known as the ‘rehabilitation period’, the length of which varies depending on how the individual was dealt with.

The DBS Certificate will take around 3 – 7 days after the application has been submitted after all the necessary documents that have provided. Please do take note that after an application has been submitted it will be processed by Disclosure & Barring Service or Disclosure Scotland therefore we can not guarantee an exact ETA. In some instances results can take up to 14 days, although we will keep you updated at all times. We aim to cut these delays by allowing our experts to go check your application to avoid any unnecessary delays.

The Basic Disclosure Certificate will be sent to the address you have provided in the application form and under the name that has been provided.
There is no expiry date on the certificate. Usually it is at the discretion of the employer to stipulate how regularly an employee or contractor needs to renew their certificate. In most cases individuals are asked to apply for a new certificate every 12 months.

Your payment will be taken as soon as the application is submitted.

Currently the only certificate we offer an administrative solution for is the Basic Disclosure.

Yes you can still apply. We will handle the application process for you, please contact us if you wish to apply from outside the UK.

If you need to cancel your application, then please contact us to request this immediately. In other cases, a part refund will be calculated based on the amount of work that has already taken place on your application by the time you request cancellation.
A refund will not be possible once the application has been submitted to the Disclosure and Barring Service. Please refer to our terms and conditions  (Link on our footer) for details of our current cancellation and refund policy.

DBS Fee £25
Our Service Fee £33.33
Vat @20% on Service Fee £6.67



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